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Developed in secrecy, the Gerbera Tetra is actually the fourth machine made as part of the Earth Federation's and Anaheim Electronics' Gundam Development Project. Originally designated the RX-78GP-04G Gundam Gerbera, its construction was officially canceled due to the fact that its concept--a high-mobility assault Mobile Suit for space warfare--was covered by the GP-01fb, rendering the Gerbera a redundant machine.

However, because of the fact that Anaheim had many Zeon sympathizers under its employ, the Gerbera prototype was secretly built, albeit with a more "Zeonic" aesthetic. As a gesture to the remnants of Zeon, Anaheim donated the Gerbera Tetra to the leader of the Cima Fleet, Cima Garahau, who would eventually use the prototype Suit after selling out her allies, the Delaz Fleet, at the very climax of Operation Stardust.

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Obtaining the Gerbera Tetra Edit

The Gerbera Tetra is available to three different factions, although in each case the prerequisites for it are different.

  • Earth Federation - Achieve Complete Victory against the Principality of Zeon in 44 or less turns. (Clear bonus for a speedy victory)
  • Zeon - 5 turns after beginning the Gundamjack operation in Part 2, you receive the development plans for the Gerbera Tetra if your Alignment is 750 or less.
  • Delaz Fleet - The Gerbera Tetra's development plans are unlocked immediately after developing the GP-02A, provided that your Alignment is at 750 or less.

Statistics Edit

Model Number Official Name Development Plan Development cost Special Conditions
AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra Gundam Development Project X 6000 --
Conventional Technology MS Technology MA Technology Enemy Technology Pre-requisite
12 14 9 13 Must have developed GP-02A

Development Time(in turns) 8 Limit 180%
Production Time(in turns) 2 Scanning Ability C
Funds 5200 Armor 80
Funds(Per Machine) -- Armor(Per Machine) --
Resources 6400 Mobility 51
Resources(Per Machine) -- Movement 9
Number Per Unit 1 Supplies (Per Machine) 220
Hangar Size N/A Consumption Rate (Per Machine) 34
Can Stack Yes Can Conquer Yes
Has Weapons No Has Shield No

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range
Beam Machinegun 240 55 1-1
Machine Cannon 48 70 1-1
Beam Saber 150 65 0-0
Beam Saber (multiple hits) 80 75 0-0

Land Desert Mountain Forest Snow Underwater Sky Space
Attack X O O
Move O X X O

Can Be Remodeled Into

AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra Kai (4060/5520)

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