Name Amuro Ray Rank E D C B A S
Database # 015 Leadership - - - 11 13 14
Affiliation Anti-Earth Union Government (AEUG) Charisma - - - 9 11 12
Appears Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Shooting - - - 16 18 20
Rank Lieutenant (大尉) Melee - - - 14 16 18
Initial EXP -- Endurance - - - 9 11 12
Initial Rating B Reflex - - - 16 18 20
NT Awakening B Can Use... MS MA Ship Tank Air
NT Level 5 O O X O O

The hero of the One Year War, member of the so-called Newtype Corps aboard White Base, and the pilot of the RX-78 Gundam. Amuro tried to live a normal life after the One Year War, but due to his Newtype status the Federation government regarded him with suspicion. Although he is first seen languishing in a mansion in Zeta Gundam, kept essentially under house arrest, he joins the battle against the Titans as a member of Karaba, a resistance group formed by Guntank and Guncannon pilot Hayato Kobayashi.

Amuro will join the Federation in part 2 of the Federation campaign, provided that the player aligns themselves with the AEUG rather than the Titans. Amuro also joins the AEUG with Hayato Kobayashi and Beltorchika Irma in AEUG's campaign; during the Quattro AEUG campaign, Amuro is a starting team member.

After the end of part 2, his portrait will change to that of Amuro as he appears in Char's Counterattack. The change is only cosmetic; although his portrait changes, his stats do not change.

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