Class Designation Type Development Plan Development cost Special Conditions
Chivvay Heavy Cruiser Conventional Development -- --
Conventional Technology MS Technology MA Technology Enemy Technology Pre-requisite
-- -- -- -- --

In the Universal Century, the Chivvay-class heavy cruiser was a ship developed by the Zeon to help protect convoys and perform miscellaneous tasks. It was often used to as a flagship in a battle group. It was equipped with two triple barreled beam turrets, multiple twin barreled anti-air batteries and several missile launchers, but originally was not designed to carry mobile suits. Its size was sufficient that its cargo bays could be, and usually were, easily converted to mobile suit hangers. A handful of these vessels were remade into Tivvay-class Heavy Cruisers, and some of the Chivvay class vessels were refitted for use by Zeon/Neo Zeon space attack commanders. The class proved itself useful, but in the end the Zeon drive for ships with mobile suit capacity resulted in the discontinuation of the class.

Development Time(in turns) -- Limit 150%
Production Time(in turns) 3 Scanning Ability A
Funds 1,000 Armor 550
Funds(Per Machine) -- Armor(Per Machine) --
Resources 6,100 Mobility 10
Resources(Per Machine) -- Movement 7
Number Per Unit 1 Supplies (Per Machine) 580
Hangar Size 4 Consumption Rate (Per Machine) 40
Can Stack No Can Conquer Yes
Has Weapons Yes Has Shield No

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range
Triple Barrel Beam Turret 184 50 2-4
Missile Launcher 60 40 1-3

Land Desert Mountain Forest Snow Underwater Sky Space
Attack X X X X X X X O
Move X X X X X X X O

Can Be Remodeled Into

Upgrade: Tivvay-class Heavy Cruiser (? Funds, ? Resources)

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