Model Number Official Name Development Plan Development cost Special Conditions
SPACE CARRIER Columbus Unknown -- --
Conventional Technology MS Technology MA Technology Enemy Technology Pre-requisite
-- -- -- -- --

Development Time(in turns) -- Limit 120%
Production Time(in turns) 1 Scanning Ability C
Funds 200 Armor 200
Funds(Per Machine) -- Armor(Per Machine) --
Resources 1200 Mobility 3
Resources(Per Machine) -- Movement 5
Number Per Unit 1 Supplies (Per Machine) 650
Hangar Size 5 Consumption Rate (Per Machine) 0
Can Stack No Can Conquer No
Has Weapons No Has Shield No

Land Desert Mountain Forest Snow Underwater Sky Space
Move X X X X X X X O

Can Be Remodeled Into

Upgrade: Columbus Kai (240 Funds, 870 Resources)

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