I have decided to share some of the more helpful things I have learned over the course of several in depth playthroughs (and alot of trial and error). If anyone has anything to add or questions feel free to edit this article at will.

Strategic Phase

  • If you commit a unit to move in the strategic phase you may cancel that order by highlighting the selected unit and pressing the square button. (You wouldn't believe how long it took me to realize this.)

Battle Phase

  • If at all possible... SCAN! It is much more difficult to hit a unit that is not scanned in combat. Use the command to scan any unidentified units within range. The better your unit's scanners, the more likely it is to succeed. In addition, Minovsky particles can interfere with scanners, making it more difficult for them to succeed in identification. Any individual unit can only Scan once per turn, butthey can do so before or after movement. Scanning consumes one attack's worth of resources.ot Scanned in combat. Scanning consumes one attack's worth of
  • Do NOT underestimate the effects of Minovsky Particles. They seem like they're added as sort of an afterthought, but I can't stress enough how important they are. They're critical in space battles, and even more effective on land. Minovsky Particles jam radars, making it more difficult to scan or hit with ranged attacks. By scattering particles more than once, you can increase their concentration, making it even more and more difficult to scan or target. Minovsky particle concentration naturally decreases over time, getting less andless per turn, with greater concentrations decreasing faster. The best way to use them is to set up your units in such a formation so that your units get Minovsky coverage, but none of your enemy's do. This is easy when you're using units with short-range Minovsky capability, but is trickier with long-range Minovsky equipped units, as it's easy to accidentally protect enemy units at the sametime. Minovsky Particles are incredibly, incredibly useful. The best way to manage this is to keep your cruisers and such two hexes behind your front lines. One thing you can do is move your cruisers and select "Scatter" to see what the effect will be, and if you're not in a goodposition, cancel the move and try again.
  • You can scatter Minovsky Particles AND attack in the same turn. (This one took me awhile too...)