Model Number Official Name Development Plan Development cost Special Conditions
MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom Mobile Suit Development -- Must approve EXAM Project, Must approve Newtype Experiment request.
Conventional Technology MS Technology MA Technology Enemy Technology Pre-requisite
-- -- -- -- --

The MS-08TX[EXAM] Efreet Custom was the first EXAM unit developed at the Flanagan Institute by Professor Chlust Morses. Morses hatred for Newtypes would be cultivated into the EXAM system, a system that gave normal pilots the ability to mimic the power of Newtypes. However, it was infused with the soul of Newtype Marion Welch.

The Efreet Custom is a heavily armed MS-08TX Efreet type mobile suit. It was built based on the later experimental suit MS-18E Kämpfer. The Efreet Custom was armed with two forearm missiles, six leg mounted missiles, and two heat sabers for close combat. The Efreet could use its missiles to bombard an enemy, dash in with its swords and leave the area quickly.

The Efreet Custom first appeared when a Medea carrying Alph Kamra and the RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1, Efreet's sister unit, crashed with the help of six heavily-armed Zakus. In order to keep the Efreet Custom and EXAM a secret, Nimbus destroyed his own allies. The Efreet first entered combat against the pilotless Blue Destiny Unit 1, but retreated due to an incoming Federation force.

Later, during the attack on California Base, the Efreet and Blue Destiny would meet for the final time. The Blue Destiny had a new pilot however, Nimbus' rival Yuu Kajima. As the two fought, the truth about the EXAM was revealed. Both Blue Destiny Unit 1 and Efeet Custom were destroyed, but their pilots survived.

Development Time(in turns) 4 Limit 170%
Production Time(in turns) 2 Scanning Ability B
Funds 2,300 Armor 240
Funds(Per Machine) -- Armor(Per Machine) --
Resources 4,150 Mobility 36
Resources(Per Machine) -- Movement 8
Number Per Unit 1 Supplies (Per Machine) 220
Hangar Size -- Consumption Rate (Per Machine) 35
Can Stack Yes Can Conquer Yes
Has Weapons Yes Has Shield No

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range
Grenade Launchers 144 65 1-1
Missile Pods 50 60 1-1
Heat Sabers 195 80 0-0

Land Desert Mountain Forest Snow Underwater Sky Space
Attack O O O O O X O X
Move O O O O O X X X

Can Be Remodeled Into


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