The pictures below show the map connections between the Space map and the Earth map for drops and space-lifts.

The numbers dictate where your units will drop to. The letters dictate where the bases will send their troops if they decide to send them up into space.


Earth Federation(Blue)

  • A(SE Europe): Odessa
  • A(NW Europe): Belfast
  • B(Africa): Kilimanjaro
  • F(West US): California Base
  • F(East US): New Yark
  • G(South America): Jaburo
  • D(India): [Possibly] Hyberdad
  • C(China): Peking
  • C(Hawaii): Hawaii Base
  • E(Australia): Torrington Base

Principality of Zeon(Red)

  • Side-3(Capitol & in bottom left corner)
  • A-Baoa-Qu(Above Side-3)
  • Granada(Left Side of the Moon)
  • Side-1(Right of A-Baoa-Qu)
  • Solomon(Right of Side-1)
Space Map
Earth Map