Mobile Suit Gundam

Admiral Wolfgang Watkins (known as Gene Wakkein in the TV series) was the commander of the Earth Federal Space Force base Luna II. His flagship was the Magellan, which was scuttled by the White Base in order to escape from Luna II. Later in the series, he is shown as a key player in the Federation's capture of the Zeon space fortress Solomon. In the TV series, he later assists the White Base in a mop-up operation around Side 5's Texas colony. Here, his ship was forced to single-handedly engage Char Aznable's Zanzibar and was sunk, presumably killing Watkins. However, in the movie version, his fate is not clearly spelled out. While his ship is shown heavily damaged during the Battle of Solomon, it is not shown actually exploding.

Depending on the version of the story (animation, manga, novel), Watkins is shown as either a sympathetic officer or one of the many incompetent Federation bureaucrats that White Base's crew must endure. The former characterization is more frequent. The novelizations indicate that Watkins is also a poet, thus further suggesting a sensitive side to his character.